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A Redditor has found a simple trick to block YouTube ads

ARedditor has found a simple trick to block YouTube ads that pop up while binge-watching videos. The best part is that this trick to remove YouTube ads doesn’t need any third-party app or an extension or memorizing code sequences.

All you need to do is put an extra period (.) after the .com part of the URL on YouTube. This means that instead of visiting, you will need to enter in the URL bar.

Furthermore, that is it! This specific YouTube video will currently run without promotions. In any case, you should consider how this stunt squares YouTube advertisements, as in its specialized part.

This is presumably happening a result of disregard on YouTube’s conclusion to standardize the hostname. The additional period results in no hostname coordinate.

In this way, adding an additional period to the URL kind of “breaks” the page such that shows the fundamental substance of the page however expels other stuff like YouTube advertisements and treats as well. On some news sites, this strategy can even be utilized to get through the Paywall.

Until further notice, this stunt takes a shot at work area. To utilize this stunt on a portable program, you should utilize the work area rendition of the page.

In any case, before you hurry to marathon watch huge amounts of YouTube recordings without promotions, if it’s not too much trouble remember that these advertisements have been put up to help the substance makers you love. So at whatever point you aren’t watching recordings, the maker doesn’t get paid.

So even though you have a new loophole to enjoy ad-free YouTube videos, make sure that you continue supporting YouTubers too!


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