Google Calendar prepares to add cross-profile support for work and personal calendars

work profiles in Android disengage all applications and matched up account data from the individual profile so clients don’t inadvertently blend data from their work and individual lives. While work profiles can assist representatives with dealing with their work-life adjust and maintain a strategic distance from inadvertently spilling data, there are a couple of burdens that they present. For instance, many work-oversaw schedule applications don’t bolster cross-profile schedule adjust, which means clients need to check their schedule application in both their own and work profiles to ensure they don’t miss a significant gathering or occasion. Indeed, even Google Calendar doesn’t bolster cross-profile schedule perceivability yet.

In Android 10, nonetheless, Google included help for indicating work schedule subtleties in the individual schedule and the other way around. With cross-profile schedule perceivability, you can see work occasions in your own schedule, and in the event that you endeavor to alter an occasion made in your work schedule, you are coordinated to alter the occasion in the schedule application from your work profile. This keeps up appropriate detachment among individual and work profiles while likewise making things progressively advantageous for laborers. Be that as it may, so as to help cross-profile schedule perceivability, schedule applications must be refreshed to help the new APIs. There’s proof in the most recent rendition of the Google Calendar application for Android that Google is getting ready to empower cross-profile schedule support.

In the most recent variant of Google Calendar, adaptation 2020.14-1, we spotted new strings that indicate cross-profile schedule associations. One lot of strings will show up as a feature of a promotion message illuminating the client that they can “see all [their] occasions here, including [their] individual schedules.” Another arrangement of strings portrays the inclination in Settings that the client must empower to show schedule occasions from their own Calendar application in their work Calendar application. Empowering this inclination will “[let] you see your work occasions close by your own occasions.” Once empowered, “you can then rapidly bounce to your own Calendar application to change occasions.” To look after security, “your schedules are still put away independently.”

<string name="cross_profile_drawer_promo_text">To see all your events here, include your personal calendars</string>
<string name="cross_profile_drawer_promo_title">Add your personal calendars</string>
<string name="cross_profile_learn_more">Learn more</string>
<string name="cross_profile_promo_dismiss">Dismiss</string>
<string name="crossprofile_connection_off">Not connected</string>
<string name="crossprofile_connection_on">Connected</string>
<string name="crossprofile_preference_activate_info">"Turning this on lets your work Calendar app show the calendar events from your personal Calendar app. This lets you see your work events alongside your personal events. You can then quickly jump to your personal Calendar app to change them. To Protect your privacy, your calendars are still stored separately."</string>
<string name="crossprofile_preference_activate_link">Turn on in Settings</string>
<string name="crossprofile_preference_deactivate_info">To keep your calendars separate across apps, update access in Settings. Once turned off, your personal Calendar events will stop showing in your work Calendar app.</string>
<string name="crossprofile_preference_deactivate_link">Turn off in Settings</string>
<string name="menu_crossprofile_preferences">Personal calendars</string>
<string name="work_profile_header_title">Work profile</string>

I set up a local work profile using the Island app, but I was unable to get cross-profile calendar visibility working. It’s likely this feature will roll out in a future update of the Google Calendar app or will be enabled via a server-side configuration change. Once the feature rolls out, we’ll let you all know.

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