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Google’s New Sodar Tool Helps Android Smartphone Users Maintain Social Distancing

Cell phone users have another approach to stay away — an instrument that tells them when individuals are drawing nearer than pandemic rules suggest.

The Google-created Sodar apparatus accessible this week takes advantage of Android cell phone cameras to place clients in the focal point of a white hover with a span of around two meters, or 6.5 feet.

The border, decided dependent on pandemic social separating rules, is made utilizing a similar sort of increased reality innovation in cell phone games, for example, Pokemon Go.

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Circles superimposed on environmental factors move with clients, keeping cell phones in the middle. Clients get a visual admonition when they are inside the conceivably dangerous range.

Sodar works through Google-made Chrome programs on Android cell phones that help expanded reality, as indicated by the California-based web firm.

“This trial utilizes (the application program interface) WebXR to picture 2-meter social-removing rules in your condition,” a message at the site said.


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