Monkey on Space: Now monkeys will be seen in space, for this special purpose, China is preparing to make a big bang in the space world.

China Will Send Monkey on Space:

How far ahead China is in terms of technology and science is not hidden from anyone. He has done many big feats from earth to space. China, which has made an artificial sun on the earth, is now preparing to send monkeys to space. According to the report, he will send these monkeys to his Tiangong space station. The purpose of sending monkeys to space is to study how they grow and reproduce in a zero gravity environment. Confirming this planning of China, South China Morning Post has told that this research will be done in the module of Tiangong space station.

Scientists will see how monkeys live in zero gravity

“These experiments will help improve our understanding of organism’s adaptation to microgravity and other space environments,” said a report published in the journal, quoting Zhang Lu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Looking at the breeding system of apes, there are many obstacles because because monkeys are large animals, scientists will have to pay attention to how to keep them in close contact in the new space environment. The report also states that the scientists also feel that feeding the monkeys and dealing with their excreta will be a major concern during the study period.

It will be difficult for monkeys to remain stress free in their enclosures

Furthermore, the report states that it would be difficult for the monkeys to remain stress-free and comfortable in their enclosures in the space station. China’s Tiangong space station currently houses two male and one female astronauts – Chen Dong, Cai Xuzhe and Liu Yang. These people are doing research on the environment there. These people were sent there in June this year and they will complete the assembly of the station before the end of this year.

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