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NVIDIA RTX 3080, one of the up and coming NVIDIA Ampere based illustrations cards has been spotted by people over at Chiphell (by means of Videocardz). The NVIDIA Ampere design was as of late uncovered by their CEO Jensen Huang during the GTC 2020 Keynote as the new illustrations engineering driving their endeavor contributions including the DGX A100 framework. The RTX 3000 arrangement is the replacement to the Turing based RTX 2000 arrangement that saw NVIDIA offering equipment quickened ongoing beam following unexpectedly. NVIDIA is supposed to be taking a gander at a Q3-Q4 2020 dispatch window for the new RTX 3000 arrangement of designs cards. The RTX 2000 arrangement were formally declared to the world at Gamescom 2018 and keeping in mind that Gamescom 2020 has been dropped, we have seen a huge number of virtual meetings being set up in their place. We could see the RTX 3000 arrangement being declared at any of these or NVIDIA could basically sort out another virtual gathering as they accomplished for GTC 2020.


While it is unquestionably very right on time for us to remark on whether this would be the last plan of the NVIDIA RTX 3080, it seems, by all accounts, to be one of the last structure up-and-comers. NVIDIA appears to have gone with the magnesium compound body with level plastic countenances to cover portions of the heatsink. The photographs show two countenances of similar illustrations card or these could be isolated plans. In the event that we are to expect that these are two appearances of a similar card, at that point this would be a twin-fan structure with the impeller on the front face maneuvering air into the cover which is then directed through the length of the card and removed by another impeller that is confronting the back. We can see that the two impellers are situated to act in a push-pull setup.

On the backplate, we can see the RTX 3080 lettering and by the looks of it, the PCB seems to be oddly shaped. Also, it seems to be quite a short PCB for a high-end card. We’ve seen ZOTAC use similar short designs such as the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER MINI.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Graphics Card cooler design

On the top side, we do see an opening for the NVLink Adapter but there don’t appear to be any power connectors. This would mean that the power connectors are on the side as is the case with QUADRO cards.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 3D Model

Twitter user @Cloudol went one step ahead and created a rough sketch of the internals based on these leaked images and it gives us an idea of the airflow within the cooling assembly. Obviously, we’ll only know more closer to launch as more details come out.


If the RTX 3080 goes down the same path as the RTX 2080, then we could see it shipping with a GA102 GPU that might have about 46-54 SMs. The GA100 comes with 108 SMs and 6912 CUDA cores. So the RTX 3080 could have around 3456 CUDA cores or even more considering that NVIDIA has switched to a more efficient 7nm TSMC node allowing it to cram a lot more CUDA cores onto the GPU as long as the power draw is within spec. A lot also depends on how much AMD’s Big Navi is capable of. The RDNA 2 cards are supposed to launch in September 2020 and have managed to gain 50% perf-per-watt over RNDA. So to compete with that we’ll need NVIDIA pushing the envelope even further.


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