PUBG Mobile Lite V0.17.0 Update Adds Payload Mode, Map Changes, New Weapons, And More

PUBG Mobile was recently updated to v0.18.0, but that doesn’t mean that its little brother, PUBG Mobile Lite, isn’t receiving any love. The game has been updated to v0.17.0 and with it, comes a whole host of changes to the maps as well as the introduction of new game modes and vehicles. 

The most prominent expansion in PUBG Mobile Lite v0.17.0 is Payload mode. This mode was added to the standard rendition of PUBG Mobile some time back and now it is being refreshed to incorporate new game mode. This mode has an expanded spotlight on strategies and permits players to either collaborate, or play solo. It includes a large group of new weapons, for example, the projectile launcher, surface-to-air rocket, just as Super Weapons. It additionally accompanies two new vehicles, for example, the protected and land and/or water capable BRDM-2 tank and Helicopter.

Other than this, the update additionally brings various different changes and fixes. This incorporates two or three guide changes, which will see the expansion of another bring forth island in Varenga where players will get the chance to have a touch of fun while the game loads and populates. The guide likewise gets various archeological destinations spotted around it. The update likewise expels a great deal of substance from the Spring Festival like Cherry Blossom Trees and Picnic Baskets.

The BRDM-2 tank from the payload mode would now be able to be gathered in exemplary mode through Flare Guns. There is likewise another weapon as the Desert Eagle. There is likewise another Winner Pass that includes new subjects of Summer Beach and Ramadan. Further, the individuals who purchase a take a break will get additional Point Cards.

Other than this, players will likewise now get the opportunity to get to new capacities for BFF, Buddy and Bromance to act out to companions and colleagues. As collaboration between players builds, more acts out can be opened. Different random changes incorporate alterations and bug fixes.


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