PUBG Mobile Might Introduce Karakin Map In The Next Update

We definitely know the following PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 isn’t that distant and it is taking a shot at Miramar 2.0, which is as of now accessible on beta.

Presently, another PUBG spill proposes that there’s a gigantic chance PUBG Mobile will present the Karakin map in the following update.

Rolex, a notable PUBG Mobile decoration, has tweeted an insight that he got from PUBG Mobile as morse code. His visit had the option to decipher the code and discovered that it signifies “New Maps.”

Interesting that alongside Miramar 2.0, Rolex makes reference to the ‘Karakin’ map, which is at present accessible on PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile additionally retweeted Rolex’s tweet, giving us motivation to accept that another guide may be coming in the following update.

Karakin Map In PUBG Mobile Is A Possibility

Before, there have been theories that PUBG may supplant the Vikendi map with Karakin. In any case, that is difficult to accept in light of the fact that PUBG Mobile as of late included Arctic mode, which is just available on the Vikendi map. Along these lines, it’s exceptionally improbable that PUBG Mobile will dispose of Vikendi days subsequent to discharging a selective mode for the guide.

In the event that PUBG Mobile is considering supplanting a current guide with Karakin, at that point it could possibly be Miramar. That is on the grounds that PUBG beta as of now holds a redid adaptation of the Miramar map. Henceforth, there’s a likelihood that the guide in the beta adaptation is Karakin, rather than Miramar 2.0.

In view of that, either Karakin will have Miramar’s spot, or it will dispatch as an extra fifth guide in PUBG versatile.

Likewise, investigate PUBG PC’s Karakin map and the spilled “Miramar 2.0” on PUBG Mobile beta next to each other. You would locate that both the maps follow a desert topic with oak trees and streams. So Miramar 2.0 may very well be Karakin, given the likenesses in the two maps.

PUBG PC Karakin map vs PUBG Mobile beta Miramar 2.0

To make sure you know, these are theories dependent on accessible data, so take this with a touch of salt. We’ll possibly know anything without a doubt when there’s an official articulation on the following update from PUBG Mobile.


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