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Top 10 Most Common Password, Change them now

If you are active on most social media accounts, then it is obvious that you choose a password for your accounts which is easy and can be remembered easily, although you make a mistake here. If you do this too, then you need to be careful because the list of most popular and common passwords of the year 2022 has been shared by NordPass, one of these passwords may be yours as well.

There is a possibility of getting hacked

While keeping an easy password, you might think that it is not difficult to remember it, but you should know that the simpler the password, the more likely it is to be hacked. Overall, there is always a threat to your social media account and your account can come in the grip of hackers at any time.

These are the most common passwords

After seeing the list of passwords shared by NordPass, you will understand that people look at their convenience while choosing passwords and choose easy patterns that can be remembered, this is where users make mistakes. If you also do this, then we have brought that list of passwords for you and perhaps one of these passwords is of your social media account.

– password
– 123456
– 12345678
– bigbasket
– 123456789
– pass@123
– 1234567890
– anmol123
– abcd1234
– googledummy

Do not ignore these things while creating password

Whenever you choose a password for the account, try not to include family members or your name in the password, as well as not only include alphabets, but also use numeric characters as well as special characters so that it can be hacked. It should be impossible to get and hackers can stay away from your account.

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