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Twitter poll went against, Elon Musk will now leave the post of CEO as promised?

Elon Musk may leave Twitter soon. For this Musk had got a poll done. In this, most people have asked him to leave Twitter. Ever since Elon Musk took command of Twitter, he has been constantly making changes in it. After becoming his Twitter boss, many people have also left the platform in protest. Now it seems that he himself can leave the post of Twitter head. They had organized a poll this morning. In this, he had sought opinion from the users whether he should leave the post of Twitter head. The final result of this poll has come.

Most people asked him to step down

In this poll which lasted for 12 hours, 57.5% people have asked him to leave the post of Twitter head. While 42.5% people said that he should continue on this post. More than 17 million users have voted on this poll.

Billionaire Musk bought Twitter this year for $44 billion. After this, he removed CEO Parag Agarwal and appointed himself as the chief. Since then, he is continuously tweeting about the changes in Twitter.

Second richest person in the world

However, Musk did not make it clear about this poll that for how long he will remain on this post if the result is not in his favour. Last month, the crown of being the richest person has been snatched from Musk’s head. Tesla’s value is also continuously decreasing. In such a situation, investors started feeling that Musk has started keeping himself very busy on Twitter. At present, the question in everyone’s mind is whether Musk will leave the post of Twitter head after the results of the poll are out. However, many people are also calling it a trap. Many people have told by tweeting that this can be a trap, for this reason be careful before voting. At present, after the poll result, there has been no tweet on this from Musk. Now it has to be seen what Musk answers on this.

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