WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger were down for about 1 hour

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down: Social media users from all over the world had to face a lot of trouble due to the problem facing WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram on Friday night 19 March.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger were down for about 1 hour

Users of instant messaging app WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and photo sharing platform Instagram (Instagram) faced trouble for about 1 hour on Friday. From around 10.45 pm, many users complained of trouble. This problem was around 1140 AM. So far, the company has not given any official statement regarding the difficulty faced by WhatsApp and Instagram.

WhatsApp Down trending on Twitter
At the same time, Facebook-owned Instagram users could not see any new posts. Users were facing difficulty in posting as well. On the other hand, WhatsApp Down is trending on Twitter.

Mint wrote down detector, that according to Indian time from 10.45 onwards, there was a problem in sending messages to the users. About 98 percent of the users had the same problem. Down Detector is a company providing information related to real-time status and outages. According to this, 98 percent people were having trouble sending messages and 2 percent users were having trouble logging in.

According to Down Detector, 1.2 million people have posted about these problems on Instagram and 23,000 users on their website. WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users, including Android and iOS. The company has not yet told why this problem has occurred on WhatsApp and Instagram. This is not the first time that WhatsApp service has stopped. Earlier in January 2019, this problem has occurred twice.

Company issued statement

Now Facebook-owned company WhatsApp, the company has issued an official statement when Instagram is down. Facebook has called it a technical issue. A Facebook spokesperson told the media that 'on March 19, due to a technical glitch, users were having trouble accessing some of Facebook's services. We have fixed this problem for everyone and we are sorry for this inconvenience. So WhatsApp said in its tweet that 'Thank you for your patience! It was 45 minutes long but we are back. At the same time, Instagram said on its official Twitter account, 'Some people were already facing problems with their Instagram accounts, but now we are back. This problem has been fixed and we are sorry for the trouble.