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YouTube’s big action, removed Pornhub’s channel, know the reason

YouTube has removed Pornhub from its platform. Pornhub has been accused of violating several community guidelines. According to a report, Pornhub violated YouTube’s external policy link. Contains nudity and pornography which is not allowed to be posted on YouTube.

A report by The Verge states that YouTube’s spokesperson told that after reviewing the Pornhub Official channel was terminated from the platform. He further told that his policy is the same for all. Those channels which continuously violate the guidelines are terminated.

After withdrawing from YouTube, the company told that about 900,000 people have subscribed to the Pornhub channel. Only useful content was being posted from the channel. The company further said that Pornhub used to impose age-restriction on the videos posted from YouTube.

The company rejected the claim

That is, to watch its posted video, one should be above 18 years of age. The company rejected the claim that the pornography site posted any adult content. The spokesperson of Pornhub further said that it maintains the best trust and safety on the internet.

It was further told in the company’s statement that it has not violated any of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. This is the latest example of discrimination against the adult industry.

Instagram has also closed the account

Let us tell you that YouTube is not the only platform from where Pornhub has been removed. Before this, Instagram has also banned Pornhub account forever. Meta’s photo and reels sharing app was alleged that it used to post nudity, adult content and other objectionable posts from Insta account.

Instagram claimed that it used to encourage users to leave the site and watch adult content. Because of this his account was banned forever.

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